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Free 15 min. Training Reveals How Perception, Perspective & Beliefs Can Affect You Without Even Knowing it!

Christy Shadowens is the head coach and founder of Transcendence Living known as the "Soul Stylist" Doing Makeovers from the Inside out!

Live your best life: Experience a greater sense of purpose, passion, and joy in your life, as you take control of your health and pursue your dreams with the support and guidance of a skilled emotional insight/life coach. Guaranteed results in 12 weeks!

Don't take our word for it...

Amy B:"Christy is exactly the kind of person one seeks in a coach to provide guidance to help create the dream life . I am blessed to have had the opportunity to go on this journey with Christy as my coach."

Crystal: "Christy is so insightful. She has provided me with guidance and goal setting that is both measurable and achievable!"

I'm an Emotional Insight Coach who guides, supports, and gives you new tools and techniques to master your emotions so you can master your life!

I teach you how to:

Master your mind: Learn how to manage your thoughts and emotions in a way that supports your health and goal achievement, with powerful mindset tools and strategies.

Create lasting change: Develop sustainable habits and behaviors that help you achieve your goals and maintain your progress over the long term, with personalized coaching and support.

Improve your relationships: Cultivate deeper and more fulfilling relationships with the people in your life, by learning effective communication skills and strategies for creating healthy boundaries.

Overcome self-sabotage: Identify and address the patterns of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, so you can break through your barriers and achieve your full potential.

Yes, I Want To Learn How to change my perspective to Crush Goals and be Healthy and Happy!

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